Region Changing

This is add-on section for region changing your arm9loaderhax CFW SysNAND. This is done by installing the 9.2.0 ctrtransfer image for the region you want to switch to and modifying your SecureInfo_A file.

Region changing is almost completely unnecessary since Luma3DS supports out of region games and individual title region emulation.

This process will unlink your NNID from the system, since it will no longer be compatible with it. NNID’s are locked to the region of the device that created them, and cannot be transferred between regions without a very complex and advanced process.

After this process, only New 3DSs which have never accessed the eShop before and any Old 3DSs will be able to access the eShop after creating a new NNID on their new region. Region changed New 3DSs that have already accessed the eShop on their original region cannot create a new NNID and access the eShop on their new region!

Note that occasionally the eShop will inexplicably still not work for devices that it should work for. This is entirely to do with Nintendo’s servers, and I really do not have any control over it.

Region changing using ctrtransfer (which this method uses) seems to cause reboot patches to break. The cause for this is unknown, but for now Old 3DS users will be unable to play extended memory mode games (such as Monster Hunter, Super Smash Bros, and Pokémon Sun / Moon).

You MUST have already installed arm9loaderhax + Luma3DS to use this.

What you need


Some consoles have a SecureInfo_B instead of SecureInfo_A; this is fine and you should use SecureInfo_B for the relevant steps.

Section I - Prep work
  1. Copy GodMode9.bin from the GodMode9 .zip to the /luma/payloads/ folder on your SD card
  2. Copy Decrypt9WIP.bin to the /luma/payloads/ folder on your SD card and rename Decrypt9WIP.bin to x_Decrypt9WIP.bin
  3. Copy the 9.2.0 ctrtransfer image .bin and .bin.sha from the ctrtransfer .zip to the /files9/ folder on your SD card
  4. Reinsert your SD card into your 3DS
Section II - Backup tickets and config save
  1. Press (Start) then hold (X) to reboot into arm9loaderhax Decrypt9
  2. Go to “Ticket/Titlekey Options”, then select “Ticket Dump (SysNAND)”
  3. Press (Select) to eject your SD card, then put it in your computer
  4. Delete all .tik files in the /files9/ folder that do not start with “00-“
  5. Leave all the .tik files that do start with “00-“ in the folder
  6. Reinsert your SD card into your 3DS, then press (B) to go back to the Main Menu
  7. Go to “SysNAND Options”, then “System Save Dump”, then select “Dump configsave.bin”
Section III - ctrtransfer
  1. Go to “SysNAND Options”, then “CTRNAND Transfer”, then “Auto CTRNAND Transfer”
  2. Select the 9.2.0 ctrtransfer image when prompted by pressing (A)
  3. If you do not already have a NAND backup, backup SysNAND to NANDmin.bin when prompted by pressing (A)
  4. Allow the transfer process to proceed automatically, this will take some time
  5. Once the transfer is complete, press (Select) to eject your SD card
  6. Put your SD card in your computer, then copy NANDmin.bin and NANDmin.bin.sha from the /files9/ folder on your SD card to a safe location
    • Make backups in multiple locations
    • This backup will save you from a brick if anything goes wrong in the future
    • Your backup should match one of the sizes on this page; if it does not, you should delete it and make a new one!
  7. Delete the 9.2.0 ctrtransfer image .bin and .bin.sha from the /files9/ folder on your SD card after copying it
  8. Reinsert your SD card into your 3DS
Section IV - Editing SecureInfo
  1. Press (Start) then hold (Up) to reboot into arm9loaderhax GodMode9
  2. Navigate to SYSNAND CTRNAND -> rw -> sys
  3. Press (Y) on SecureInfo_A to copy it
  4. Press (Y) to paste a copy of SecureInfo_A
  5. Select “Copy path(s)”
  6. Press (A) to unlock SysNAND writing, then input the key combo given
  7. Select “Choose new name”
  8. Use the D-Pad to rename the file to SecureInfo_C, pressing (A) when you’re done (overwrite any existing SecureInfo_C)
  9. Scroll down to the SecureInfo_C you just pasted
  10. Press (A) on SecureInfo_C then select “Show in Hexeditor”
  11. Press (A) to continue
  12. Press (A) to enter edit mode
  13. Go to the beginning of line 00000100 and press (A) on it
  14. Hold (A) while pressing (Up) or (Down) on the D-Pad to edit the number
  15. Change the first number pair on line 00000100 to the following pair that corresponds to the region you want to change to:
    • “00” : JPN
    • “01” : USA
    • “02” : EUR
  16. Press (B) to exit edit mode, then save changes, then press (B) again to return to the directory
  17. You should see both a SecureInfo_A and SecureInfo_C if everything was done properly. (SecureInfo_C is used in place of SecureInfo_A when using Luma3DS if it detects the file on boot)
  18. Press (Start) to reboot
Section V - Reinstalling Tickets
  1. Open FBI
  2. Select “SD”
  3. Select “files9”
  4. Select “<current directory>”
  5. Select “Install and delete all tickets”
  6. Wait. The system may appear to freeze, just give it time.
  7. Press (A) to confirm
  8. Press (B) to decline installing tickets from CDN.
  9. Exit with the home button
Section VI - Region settings
  1. Open the System Settings
  2. Go to “Other Settings”, “Profile”, then “Region Settings”
  3. Select a country from the region you switched to
  4. If prompted, you do not need to set a state
  5. Update your region changed CFW SysNAND to the latest version
Section VII - Restore config save
  1. Press (Start) then hold (X) to reboot into arm9loaderhax Decrypt9
  2. Go to “SysNAND Options”, then “System Save Inject”, then select “Inject configsave.bin”

Old 3DSs / 2DSs may need to format (using TinyFormat or the System Settings) to play extended memory mode games (such as Monster Hunter, Super Smash Bros, or Pokemon Sun/Moon).

Formatting a device following a ctrtransfer without restoring the config save can cause screen brightness / flickering issues. See this.

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