Flashing ntrboot (3DS Single System)

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Before proceeding, ensure you have read all of the information on ntrboot

This method requires nothing more than your stock unhacked 3DS and a compatible flashcart. This method uses the flashcart to run the ntrboot flasher .nds file on your 3DS. This means that your flashcart must support launching .nds files on your 3DS’s version. See the flashcart chart for more information. See the flashcart table on ntrboot for more information.

Note that in some rare circumstances, it may be possible for the flashing process to brick a counterfeit flashcart and render it permanently unusable. This is unlikely, but nevertheless only original listed flashcarts are supported. To reduce the chance of receiving a counterfeit card, it is recommended that you use a reputable site to buy your flashcart (such as NDS Card)

Ce aveți nevoie

  • Your ntrboot compatible flashcart
  • The latest release of ds_ntrboot_flasher (dsi flasher; not the standard flasher)


Secțiunea I - Preparații

  1. Închideți dispozitivul
  2. Insert your flashcart’s SD card into your computer
  3. Copy ds_ntrboot_flasher_dsi.nds to your flashcart’s SD card
  4. Reinsert your flashcart’s SD card back into your flashcart
  5. Insert your ntrboot compatible DS / DSi flashcart into your device

Section II - Flashing ntrboot

  1. Launch ds_ntrboot_flasher_dsi.nds on your device using your flashcart
  2. Apăsați (A) pentru a continua
  3. Use (Up) and (Down) to select your flashcart
  4. Apăsați (A) pentru a continua
  5. Press (A) to “inject ntrboothax”
  6. Press (A) to select “RETAIL”
  7. Apăsați (A) pentru a continua
  8. Select “EXIT”

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