Cart Update

All game carts contain a copy of the required system version to play it, allowing anyone on a lower version to use the cartridge to update to that version (even without an internet connection).

Cart Updates will only deliver updates to core features, such as the System Settings, Home Menu, etc. Cart Updates will not deliver updates to Nintendo 3DS Sound and Network features, such as System Transfer, Internet Browser, StreetPass Mii Plaza or eShop.

This means that a cart update from a version <9.0.0 will break Soundhax! You will need an alternate method of entering the Homebrew Launcher!

This also means that a cart update will NOT install a browser if you do not already have one. This will only update the actual system version (for example, 2.1.0-0 -> 6.0.0-0). The last number (the -0) will not change.

Updating with a game cart containing the version 9.9.0 or above will remove your browser!

What you need


  1. Boot your device into recovery mode by holding L+R+A+UP while powering on
  2. Decline the update and reboot
  3. Put the game in the system
  4. Attempt to launch the game
  5. Update when prompted
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