Installing boot9strap (ntrboothax)

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This is a placeholder page for the upcoming “ntrboothax” exploit.

The ntrboothax exploit will require the following:
  • A DS / DSi flashcart
    • Exact flashcart compatibility will be added when this exploit is released
  • A small magnet
    • Note that this is only required on folding style 3DSs/2DSs (everything except the Old 2DS with the sleep switch)
    • This is because the exploit requires your device to enter sleep mode while still having access to the buttons
    • The magnet should be able to trigger your device’s sleep mode by holding it on or around the ABXY buttons
  • One of the following methods of installing ntrboothax to your flashcart:
    • A Powersaves
    • Another 3DS or 2DS already running some kind of custom firmware (such as boot9strap or arm9loaderhax)